Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Story Time

We had Vance over to play and Kinley thought it would be fun to read some books. She said "Come here baby boy and sit on my lap." Vance did actually sit on her lap. She said "OK now sit right here next to me" She told him some made up story but he seemed to enjoy it. What a wonderful imagination that little girl has.

A Few Fun Pictures

Kinley and Taeler making their best funny face!

Jordon and Kinley took a nice Saturday afternoon nap.

Liz bought Kinley this dress that came with a matching baby doll dress. Kinley thought it needed to go on her puppy (which she still insisted was a boy) and it had to go to church with her. They sure looked cute.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Birthday

I have decided that our lives revolve around eating. For my birthday, I met my friends Liz, Sandy and Katie at the mall downtown for lunch. It is always an adventure to take 7 kids downtown.

Jordon and I took the kids and went to dinner. By the way, we decided we are no longer going to restaurants with our kids. Take out only!

When she learned it was my birthday, Kinley was very concerned that I didn't have a birthday cake. She made it known that this was unnacceptable. Seriously, how can it be a birthday without a cake? After all, she had two. To resolve this potential disaster, we went and bought a small icecream cake. It was delicious! I had a fun birthday. The kids and I went for a walk and then they took a 3 hour nap. What more can you ask for?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What a Woman Wants

Yesterday was our anniversary and Jordon came home from school and surprised me with roses and a bag of chocolates. What a sweet husband. I am one lucky girl.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Easter Bunny Comes a Little Late

Due to the fact that we had to pick up and leave for home the weekend earlier, the Easter Bunny came the following Saturday. Kinley followed clues she found in eggs that eventually let her to their basket. After finding their basket, they pretty much had jelly beans for breakfast. Kinley and Jordon colored some eggs (not all of which were boiled). Kinley even painted on paper after the eggs were gone.

Kinleys Birthday

Kinley's birthday lasted a good three days. The morning of her birthday she got some candles in her donut. We were a little unprepared after getting home from the airport well after midnight. She insisted on 5 candles even though she was turning 3. When Jordon got home from school, she got to pick out her own present at the nearby toystore (again due to our level of preparedness). With some coaxing from her mother, she ended up selecting Barbies and a doll house. Had she listened to her father, she would have gotten a remote control car or some really cool dinosaurs. She also requested icecream so she got a frosty from Wendy's on the way home :) On Saturday she had the long awaited Dora birthday cake that she had spotted at Safeway several months ago. Several of her friends came over to share the cake with her. She had lots of fun and loved her Dora cake. The fun didn't stop there, after an afternoon full of toys, tug-of-wars, and too much cake, she was up all night with a fever. Thank goodness they only come once a year!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

My little monster!

I saw a onesie at the mall today that said "my little monster." I told Jordon that if they made it in bigger sizes, I would buy it for Kaden. The day we were leaving to fly home Kaden fell and put his tooth all the way through his lip. It bled for at least an hour. He is pretty tough kid though (not like his sister).

Amazing Jakes

Kinley and Kaden also got to see Grandma Charma and Papa Gordon. They took us to Amazing Jakes. A pretty fun place. They got to ride the train and play some games. Kinley was playing a game and the ticket thing got jammed, so they gave her like 60 tickets. Which she used to buy a ring pop, an 8 ball hackey sac, and an army man for Kaden. While Kinley was playing games, you can see Kaden was busy dipping his cookie into his ice cream cone. Thanks Grandma and Papa for taking us. It was fun!

McKell, Kinley and Tylee

My cousin Ally brought her little girl Tylee over to play with Kinley. They played outside in the buckets and then moved straight to the bath. Kinley sure loves her little friends. Thanks Ally for bringing her over!

birthday celebration

Kinley had a little birthday party with her cousins. She had put my nephews swim shorts on over her pants. She would not let me take them off.

Easter egg hunt

Kaden got a little head start looking for the eggs and I guess he found the one with blue whoppers. He was a big mess. He only took the time to find one more egg. He was too busy eating the candy.
My brother hid an egg in an actual birds nest. He lifted Kinley up to get it but she would not touch it.


Cooper, McKell and Kinley. They did a lot of jumping on the trampoline. McKell and Kinley spent ALOT of time together. We were driving in the car and they were having a conversation.
M: Guess who I am talking about?
she is driving the car. She helps you on the trampoline. You like her and she starts movies for you.
K: MY MOM!!!

how cute. I guess that is what moms are for.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kaden and Jackson

My cousin Heidi has a little boy almost Kadens age. They made fast friends... sharing their food and playing together. It is kind of a funny story. Heidi is my 2nd cousin on my Barlow side(my mom and her dad are cousins) and she is my 1st cousin on my Bradshaw side(my dad and her mom are brother and sister) so that makes Kaden and Jackson 2nd and 3rd cousins. We had Heidi and her siblings over that night and played games and it was a lot of fun. My cousin Ambers little boy went on the water slide and came inside and said "I went 55 times" ( I think he actually counted) it was a lot of fun to see everyone and how cute their little families are.

more AZ fun

After the funeral we went back to my moms house for some outside fun. My sister brought over her big blow up water slide. Kinley was a little scared of the slide but she liked playing in the buckets with her cousins. My sisters and I supervised while trying to tan our seriuosly white legs!

The Funeral

My neice Kailyn was a big helper at the funeral. She stayed with Kaden to make sure he didn't do anything crazy. Kinley and Porter liked pretending to play the piano and sing the songs. They looked so cute. Kinley had some questions. Our conversation went something like this
"Where did Great-Grandpa go"
"To Heaven with Jesus and Heavenly Father."
"What did they say to him"
"They said well done"
She seemed to like that answer and told everybody "Jesus said well done to my Great-Grandpa."

emergency visit to AZ

Well my Grandpa Tony passed away last week and we got to go home for his funeral. Although it could have been under better circumstances, my Grandpa lived a good life of 91 years. He wanted to go home and see his wife and Father in Heaven. It was nice to have a funeral be sort of a celebration. I got to see almost all of my 60 cousins. (or close to 60) It was a beautiful service. Candice, Maren and Kelly sang the song "No Empty Chairs" and it was touching. What a perfect time to return home on Easter weekend. It was nice to reflect on why we celebrate Easter and think of how happy my Grandpa must be. I have a lot of memories at my Grandparents house that I will forever treasure. They were amazing people.

Kinley loved getting to go home and see her Grandparents. My dad actually asked her to get some duct tape. (because she wouldn't stop talking) and she said OK and came to me and said "Mom, Grandpa wants a cupcake" She made him a pretend sandwich with red peanut butter and a donut so big he had to use two hands to eat it. She loves that Grandma D always has sweets. So many people brought pies to my parents house Kinley had to join in on the fun.