Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day/Jordons Bday

I should really get better at taking pictures, I have a nice camera and an adorable family....but I did not take a single picture on Jordons 30th birthday! OOPS! We are celebrating in March with a day out...couples massage, dinner, a movie, shopping, whatever we want. I will be sure and take pictures then.

Our Valentines day was great. I received flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and ordered myself one of those stamped charm necklaces with the kids names on it. I can't wait for it to get here. We got the kids some fun candy, they were thrilled. Because it was Jordons birthday, we started the day with birthday donuts. Jordon blew out a spiderman candle because as Kinley pointed out "30 candles would not fit on a donut." I took Kinley out of school for about an hour and we went to Jordons office and filled his truck with balloons and wrote Happy Birthday on the windows. The girls at his office had decorated it with black balloons and streamers. Thanks to Jodi (his old assistant in AZ made a phone call to make sure those girls were taking care of Dr. Green) For dinner we had a lovely feast with strawberry waffles with strawberries and whipcream, with chocolate chips and sprinkles on top. Strawberry yogurt, strawberry milk, eggs and bacon. It was like eating dessert for dinner. Yum! It was a great day and even though Jordon had to work on his birthday I think he felt the love.

I was going to post 30 things I love about Jordon on his 30th Bday, but this post is becoming a little long. So I love Jordon more than words can describe. He is my best friend.. we are total opposites that fit together perfectly. I am so blessed to have him. Love you Babe!