Saturday, September 27, 2008


Konnors room

entry way.. office will be off to the left and playroom is on the right. Jordons dad is going to put doors on both for us.

Playroom.. the best room in the house.

Kadens room.

Kinleys room


My favorite (and really only decorated) wall in the house.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The cabin

preschool and dance

Kinley was so excited for preschool. The whole week before she would take her "supplies" out of her back pack and show Kaden then put them back. She loves it and is learning so much.

Kinley loves dance class. The teacher asked all the girls what they liked best about ballet and Kinley said "being a ballerina." She does great and by the end she tells me she is sooooo tired from all that hard work. :)

A little belated happy birthday mom!

September 11 was my moms birthday! The girls went to see Mamma Mia (sooo funny) and to lunch at Red Robin. It was lots of fun. I am grateful that I live closer than SF but I wish I lived even closer. :) I have the best mom. She is the most selfless person I know. She is an amazing grandma. we love you mom.. happy 60th bday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Puppies and pirates

Jordons parents came to visit a few weeks ago and brought the kids some gifts. They couldn't have picked a more perfect gift. This is my house pretty much all of the time. Kaden is a pirate and talks like one. "Aaaargh pirates don't like broccoli." "Aaaargh pirates don't like chocolate."(Papa Gordon doesn't like chocolate and is trying to teach Kaden this one, he won't say it though.)
And Kinley is either playing with puppies or making Kaden be a puppy. Thank you Grandma and Papa.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top Ten for the summer

I have been terrible at my Top Tens but here is what I can remember over the summer:

1. Kaden is potty trained! After one failed attempt, it only took about 3 days on the second try.

2. Rocky Point with the Green family. Beautiful resort and lots of relaxation.

3. Utah with the Bradshaw family. The water fight was the best. The ultimate frisbee kicked my butt, seriously after about 10 minutes I thought I was going to puke.

4. Moving into our new house, I love it. Let me tell you though, I can not keep this house clean. It is never ending...but I love love love the space we have.

5. 24th of July weekend in Snowflake. We have missed it for the last three years so it was fun to finally be able to attend. Kaden won the diaper dash and I participated in a fashion show.....(don't ask).

6. Kaden is talking so much. His new thing is "I be hungry" "I be cold" or my personal favorite "Mom, you be beautiful." Jordon suspects he watches MTV while we are not around. (He also refuses to be called cute...only cool.)

7. Konnor is rolling over and gaining weight. He is a happy baby that sleeps, eats, laughs, cries, rolls, and just melts your heart. We did get thrush though, and I have to say I thought I was going to die.

8. Kinley starts preschool and dance this week and is very excited. She is learning how to read and is my big helper.

9. The other day I left my kids in their pajamas all day so I could try and clean the house. When night came, Kinley said "I need to get dressed." I told her to go in her room and put on a different pair of pajamas. She was very upset and said, "Mom, its morning time!" I told her "No, it's almost bed time." At this point she was now totally crying and said, "Did we miss morning?" (At least staying in our pajamas is not a normal thing, so it really threw her off.)

10. Kinley and Kaden no longer suck their thumbs! Hooray for Mavala STOP (the yucky stuff we put on their thumbs). We've tried different kinds before but Jordon finally found this on the Web. Being good parents, we put a little on our own fingers to try it before we used it on the kids. The stuff is distustingly unnatural tasting! Jordon now recommends it to patients.

11. We just spent Labor Day weekend at my family's cabin in Forrest Lakes. Dr. Bowman let us borrow his Yamaha Rhino. It was a blast. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I feel like I failed the last few months in remembering the cute and funny things my kids have said but I have been a little busy getting this house put together. I will try to do better.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rocky Point

Konnor was a champ. Keep this kid full and his diaper dry and he's good to go.

A waiter was walking by with drinks and thought Kinley was so cutr. He just gave her a yummy drink. She was excited and learned how to say "Gracias."

Kinley thought Brek was the best. She waited for him to cross the street and then said "Mom, I waited for an adult to cross the street!" (Brek is 8?)

Chance spent some time teaching Kinley and Kaden that he is the favorite uncle. His time was not wasted as they will both still answer "Uncle Chance" when asked who the favorite uncle is.

Kinley and Briston

The Sandcastle