Monday, September 28, 2009


On Saturday at my moms Kaden got bit by a big shark (or tripped over some metal) so we took him to the doctor and they turned into some snakes (or gave him lots of stitches). He was all smiles, being a superhero trying to break out of the burrito they wrapped him up in, until they started numbing him. It was very sad, there was a lot of blood and guts and as far as I am concerned, that should be dads job. But he is hunting and still doesn't even know. I don't care to ever experience that again, but with 4 kids I know it is bound to happen. 

On a lighter note, Kadens preschool teacher informed me that the other day he was trying to play when it was work time. She explained to him that work time is work time and play time is play time. He folded his arms looked at Miss Gina and said "I don't care, my dad is bigger than you." 

Monday, September 21, 2009


My husband better bring home one of these next week! He got drawn for elk and has been gone for the past two weekends. He is leaving again this weekend for the whole week. We miss him and church with 3 kids by myself is HARD! October can't come soon enough!

soccer and preschool

We decided to try soccer this year. I was a little nervous with Kadens allergies and Kinley being more of a ballet girl than soccer girl, but they are having fun. Well, I should say Kaden likes it, but Kinley is not that interested. She plays and has fun, but does not really care much about the game. Oh well, you never know until you try.

Kaden started preschool with Miss Gina this year. He has 2 years until kindergarten but I thought he was ready for something. The first week was a little rough. He was learning the rules and all that. He is doing better and has brought home a smiley sticker every day. On the first day Miss Gina explained to him that if you are good during preschool, you get a smiley sticker to show your mom and dad you were good at preschool. To which he responded " I don't care, I don't want a smiley sticker." In typical Kaden fashion. Oh my sweet little Kaden!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

lost pictures

I would like to update my blog, but I have lost my SD card with all my most recent pictures on it. So until I find it, heres what we have been up, McKells bday party, soccer, a girls trip to Cali, lots of doctors appts and so forth! (oh and Jordon has been golfing A LOT)