Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Valentine!

Happy 28th Birthday to Jordon! I love him..he loves is good. :)

We celebrated by making a yummy breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream(or homemade syrup), bacon, eggs and strawberry yogurt with valentine sprinkles.

We are going out to dinner tonight. For his birthday he got a book he's been wanting and his mountain bike all tuned up and ready to ride again!

I am a lucky girl to be married to Jordon. He is my best friend and we have fun! I love you honey!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top Ten

My goodness it has been a while since I posted a top ten, and there has been a lot going on. This is going to be from the last few months (what I can remember).

10. Kadens new trick...he thinks he is the phantom. I have lost him twice at my moms and once at Target. After looking for him for at least 30 minutes we spotted him going to the bathroom and asked him where he was. He said he was in the toybox hiding. We looked in the playroom, so he must have had the lid shut. At Target, he was hiding from me in the clothes and didn't come out until a worker heard me calling for him and got her walkie talkie and had the whole store looking for a 3 year old with a hat and a Mcqueen sweater on. After a very serious conversation that may or may not have involved threats from mom and dad about hiding from us, he has not done it again.

9. While driving Kinley says "Dad, I never want to be a mommy."

Dad: "How come?"

Kinley: "I want to stay with you forever."

Dad: "You can stay with me for as long you want Kinley. How come you don't want to be a mommy?"

Kinley: "Well, I want to be a mommy, but I don't want to leave you and Bella."
Isn't that a girl after her father's heart?
(Note: When she's older, we'll talk a little more about her staying as long as she wants UNTIL she's a mom.)

8. I went to a benefit garage sale and I purchased a PIANO and a train table and I am so excited for both.

7. After getting braces, I cannot bite my nails, so they look long and beautiful. :)

6. Kaden is all boy, and by that I mean he has taken notice that his pee is sometimes big. :) So one day he comes out of the bathroom with his pants down and says "Mom, my pee not big." I say, "OK, thats good now pull your pants up." To which he says, "No mom I said its NOT big, its teeny."
This was pretty funny until I imagined something similar happening at preschool next year! Not funny.

5. Kinley has been asking a lot of questions about seeing Jesus and going to Heaven when we die. On the drive home from Gilbert, she cried for a good 30 minutes because she wants to see Jesus and Heavenly Father but she does not EVER want to die. I tried to explain that she won't die until she is very old, but she didn't get it. So I finally just told her that she might be very lucky and Jesus will come here before she dies, she is very excited about that.

4. Right after we got Bella, Kinley says to Jordon....

K: "Dad, did Santa really bring Bella?"

J: "Yes, how else would she have gotten here?"

K: "Maybe you bought her at the pet store."

J: "Nope, Santa brought her."

K: "Well, then those are some really magic elves if they can make a puppy."

J: "Go play."

3. My poor baby Konnor has been soooo sick. He has had so many ear infections and pnuemonia. He is such a happy baby that it is really sad to see him sick. He is finally getting tubes in his ears next Wednesday.

2. Yesterday it snowed so much that all schools got cancelled and Jordon's office closed. I was very grateful since the night before I was up all night with the flu. Jordon took the kids to the park to build a snowman. They had fun, but were crying by the time they got home because their hands and feet were frozen. (Our kids cry over something so trivial? Can you believe it?)

1. Kaden has decided he likes to sleep with something every night. He has slept with his batman, fire guy and stronger guy, his spiderman beanie and gloves, and even his full size green boxing gloves. (see picture at top)

Monday, February 9, 2009

the happiest place on earth

My sister is taking her kids to disneyland this weekend and is buying 2 adult 2 day park hopper passes and is only using the first day. She was going to post the second day on craigslist but wanted to offer it to friends or family first. The tickets will have to be used by March 15 and she is charging $50 each. This really is a deal because I have done the splitting tickets and it works great...her tickets are costing her over $300. You can contact me or her on her

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

crazy life

I know it has been a while since I posted anything.. we have been on a roller coaster. We had an awesome christmas. I totally forgot to take pictures that morning but we did get it all on video. Kinley got a kitchen and Kaden got a basketball hoop. Our new years was also lots of fun, we went to snowflake and spent it with Jordons family. We went from the valley, to snowflake, to the valley, back to snowflake then home. January didn't slow down, I got you won't be seeing many pictures of me for the next year! Kaden got sick at my moms, with goopy eyes and a nasty cold, which he passed on to the rest of us. Konnor got pnuemonia and had to spend a whole day going from xrays to the doctors office. We have been down in the valley every weekend..Jordon has had ce classes and Kaden has been seeing an allergist there. He is no longer allergic to peanuts and in six months they will do an oral exam for eggs. Hooray! He is allergic to dogs so sweet Bella has been staying outside. She is getting so big and sheds a lot so that is fine with me. We are finally home now and are staying here for a while. I will be posting my top ten soon....